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Our experienced consultants…

The experienced consultants at Baby Sleep Science know there is more than one right way to solve a problem, and there are a few wrong ways too!

The Baby Sleep Science mission is to reinforce age appropriate sleep in children, both biologically using what we know about the science of infant and child sleep and psychologically by acknowledging and respecting the strong attachments and associations babies develop.

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Our consultation options…

Sleep is important, but there’s more than one right way to teach your baby to sleep and every family will have a different path and timeline to sleeping through the night.

When your baby is not sleeping well or waking frequently at night it can lead to frustration, insecurity, anger, and family tension as well as have real behavioral and health effects on you and your child if it goes on long term.

Understanding the science behind your baby’s sleep, having realistic expectations, and an action plan for success are the key to improving your quality of life!

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Our clients say the sweetest things…

Although we have never personally met the families we work with, we have become friends with many of them!  See what some of them say.  We receive photos, stories, updates, and are even on a few holiday card lists!

One of our greatest joys is working with a family multiple times as their child grows and changes, and as they add siblings to their family!

What Are Others Saying?

You’re going through some tough times… we’re moms too.


We have experience with:

  • establishing age appropriate schedules
  • bedtime delay tactics and establishing routines
  • difficulty napping/short naps
  • sleep associations (ie: feeding, rocking, holding to sleep)
  • getting out of bed
  • transitioning from family bed to crib
  • breast, bottle and pacifier use
  • night feedings/breast feeding and sleep
  • night wakings/reducing night wakings
  • fears and terrors
  • toilet training and sleep
  • twins and other multiples
  • safety
  • travel and time zone changes
  • illness/extenuating circumstances

Baby Sleep Science Resource Blog

One of our goals is to provide you with a library of up to date, accurate and relevant information to help you as you navigate sleep with your child.  Visit our Resource Blog for articles on topics such as Age Appropriate Schedules, Reducing Nighttime Feedings, Basic Sleep Information for All Families, 4 Month Regression and lots more!


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