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Healthy Decision Making for Healthy Sleep.

June 1, 2017

One of the defining philosophies of Baby Sleep Science is that we know, like most things parenting, there IS more than one right way to improve your baby’s sleep! Also, like most things parenting, there are most definitely a few wrong ways too.  We base our recommendations on what is known about the science of […]

The Morning Routine: What is it and why do you need it?

May 24, 2017

Most parents know that having a consistent bedtime routine is an important element in fostering good sleep habits. You can read more about that here. But many parents don’t realize it can be just as important to have a solid morning routine that signifies the end of night and the beginning of the day. Why do […]

Crib to Bed Transition

August 3, 2016

This mini-blog was written for one special mama who’s had a heck of a tough year and who’s supported this business from the beginning.  She’s about to move her child into a bed and asked if there was anything in particular she should know about.   Here are our top tips on making the crib to bed […]

Another WELCOME in order!

October 21, 2015

A note from Meg and Erin:   We have been so busy here at Baby Sleep Science in the past year as we have worked to find only the right additions to our growing business.   We seek out only those potential consultants who are exceptionally educated and top in their fields and who will bring a […]

Welcome To Our New Addition!

September 30, 2015

A message from Meg and Erin: We are so excited to announce the addition of new consultants to the Baby Sleep Science Team!  Today, we’d like to introduce Kiri Gurd PhD MSc. From the moment we met her, we knew Kiri had something unique from other applicants.   It wasn’t just her education and degrees which […]

Melatonin is a Hormone

Melatonin is a Hormone

May 19, 2015

We’ve been hearing a LOT about parents experimenting with melatonin lately and we feel that it’s important that you know the facts about melatonin before you consider giving it to your child. First, a quick disclaimer:  We are big fans of health and wellness, although we usually avoid discussing these topics publicly on our blog. Your […]

Setting the Record Straight on Popular Baby Sleep Books

Setting the Record Straight on Popular Baby Sleep Books

April 2, 2015

Well, we started this blog so long ago that it’s almost obsolete now in this digital age of bite size info, blog posts, and smart phone articles.   But, we decided to put it out there anyway in case there are a few of you left who are still reading books on infant sleep. Dr. […]

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Our Clients Say The Nicest Things!

I am so grateful to Meg and Baby Sleep Science for helping us find a strategy that was both effective and sensitive to our parenting style.  I can’t recommend baby sleep science highly enough!”


The thing nobody tells you is that they way your baby sleeps (and by default, the way your family sleeps) is pretty individualized and personal. After reading books and articles on sleep and trying everything, I realized I needed someone who I could walk through how an actual night in our house works, and get some advice. Doing a sleep consult got us a real life plan that took into account our schedules, our goals for breastfeeding, and our parenting philosophies. Most importantly, the advice was based in research, not anecdotes or fads, so as my son grew and went through different phases, I knew what to do: stick to the plan.


I can’t thank Baby Sleep Science enough for their support helping me get my child to sleep through the night. It was a struggle between tweaking nap schedules and weaning multiple night feeds, but within a few months, we did it! I don’t think I could have figured it out withoutBaby Sleep Science’s help. The phone consultation was instrumental in giving me a plan with strategies I still use today. She answered all of my questions through phone or email (and I had so many!). I am now more confident in dealing with my child’s sleep even when we have regressions or age transitions.


When my daughter was a baby, I felt so much anxiety and even failure as I navigated her sleep development, despite reading several well-known sleep books. I was determined to have a better experience with my son. Thanks to your helpful blogs and Facebook posts, I’ve been able to understand and anticipate his developmental changes, support his sleep needs, and take proactive measures to prevent some of the problems we had with my daughter. We are all sleeping much better as a result, and I know that if we run into trouble, you’ll be there to help us through it. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for our family! We are lucky to have you.