Early morning waking that won’t go away

After a long sleepless year with an intense little girl, we successfully sleep trained using the Ferber/Interval method at her one year mark. She is now 13 months old. Even with this, she wakes (screaming – hence the ‘intense’ descriptor) exactly at 4:45am like she has an internal alarm clock. She is usually wet- but not wake-me-up-from-a sound-sleep-wet, we change her and try to put her back down – at least until 5:30 or 6. Do you have any suggestions for helping her sleep thru until 5:30? Is changing her diaper reinforcing the wake up?

What time are her naps and her bedtime? Around age 1 many babies who are still taking two naps actually need a later bedtime: their night has to condense a bit to make it through a full night. The run out of sleep pressure by the early morning if naps are too late/too close to bedtime. There may be other factors too – room environment changing or becoming too warm, or too bright? If schedule is not an issue, and environment is not an issue next step is looking at behavior. Its’ possible to do Feber again in the early morning though can take many days and be a bit unpleasant. It’s always best to try to solve early morning problems with schedule and environment first!


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