What age should you sleep train?

Thank you so much for this valuable resource! Our daughter will be five months next week. We have been reading Weissbluth and Ferber and planned to sleep train (Ferber/interval) starting tonight(!) but she’s been sleeping like a dream the couple of nights so it may not be necessary. Which leads me to ask…what is the ideal age to sleep train? Do you recommend separating nighttime and daytime training? Also, we tried transitioning her from her Merlin Magic Sleepsuit to a regular Halo sleep sack a couple of weeks ago which was disastrous-she was up every hour starting at 1am with her arms thrashing and her legs straight up in the air. She has rolled over 6-8 times but doesn’t do it consistently. So, we went back to the Merlin and the problem has corrected itself but we want to make sure she has the freedom of movement she needs if she happens to get onto her tummy. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

If you have a choice in the matter, the best time to do any intervention is around 6 months. I see no reason to do an intervention with a baby who is “sleeping like a dream”  Her sleep suit is likely protecting her sleep, so unless you have a safety concern I would keep her in it until she outgrows it. The older she is when you make the change the more stable her sleep will be and you will be less likely to need to do intervention at all (which is always a good thing!). If you do want or need to take her out of the sleep suit, then I would definitely be prepared to do an intervention of some sort to teach her how to sleep without the sleep suit. When you do that definitely work on night time first, because the sleep drive is strongest at night and when she has learned what to do at night, then work on the day. Good luck!


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