How do I reduce crying at naptime for my 6 month old?

We had a sleep consult with Meg a few weeks ago and she helped us get on a great night plan for our 6 1/2 month old. She is now sleeping through the night with no wake ups which has been heavenly. The night success made me feel brave enough to tackle naps. Recently I started putting my daughter down for naps in her crib similar to how we do at night. Book, song, white noise machine and leave the room. She cries anywhere from 5 minutes to 25 minutes before falling asleep. I can handle 5 minutes of crying, it’s the 25 minutes of all out bawling that makes me feel awful. I have tried going in to soothe a little and then leaving the room again if she has been crying for 10 minutes and doesn’t seem to be settling. Should we be getting less crying the more we do this or should I expect this is the new norm?

Thanks for finding us! Naps are hard. Generally a lot harder than nights and sometimes what worked at night, isn’t the best fit for day. First, plan to allow at least 10 days of work and during the first 5 days of work you might feel as if nothing is happening. Second, if she’s responding well to checking in on her during naptime, sometimes more frequent check ins with more frequent soothing than you had done at nighttime is a better fit. She can resist daytime sleep pressure more than at bedtime so you want to think about what fits her temperament best! Is she a less is more kind of baby, or more is more. Track results, be consistent in timing. Less crying is ALWAYS the goal for families who are choosing an approach that may involve some of that!


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