How do you deal with frequent night waking at 5 months?

Quick Question: Our 5 month old goes to bed between 7 and 8, only to wake up like clockwork about 2.5 hours later. She will then (usually) do a 4-5 hour stretch, then go back for another 1.5-2. Any suggestions on that first wake-up? She used to sleep through the night like a champ prior to 3.5 months, then was a complete nightmare (up every 2-2.5) for about 6 weeks (regression I believe). This has been her “new” pattern for the past 2 weeks or so….. I know that 1-2 feedings (she is doing 2) for 10-12 hours is “normal” for her age, and you guys don’t recommend sleep training for through the night until 6 months correct? She is still taking about 4 naps a day, but they are usually short (35 min or so). She’s also just starting to roll over and sit up (lot going on in her brain!). Thanks in advance!

This sounds like a sleep association pattern of waking. You would actually be totally fine implementing a sleep training strategy you feel comfortable with at bedtime (if needed to get her going to sleep on her own) and at that first wake up 2.5 hours later! She’s old enough for that now – we usually suggest waiting a tad older for full night interventions. Just be sure you aren’t going through a feeding “cold turkey”!


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