How do you deal with regressions after initially successful sleep training?

Any tips for dealing with sleep regressions? We were in pretty good shape after sleep training a few months ago, but our 9 month old has suddenly started resisting sleep at bedtime and naptime and having long wakeups in the middle of the night.
Do we go through the sleep training process over again or just wait for it to resolve itself? We don’t want to stress her out with re-training if developmental leaps are causing the problem in the first place, but we don’t want to slide into bad habits or undo all the hard work we did to get her sleeping well in the first place.


p>In general, if you’ve had a successful intervention it IS a good idea to go back to your intervention strategy, because your child has learned that your actions mean that it’s time to sleep and that everything is safe. In other words, you taught your child that your actions are a cue for sleep. This type of verbal and non-verbal communication is very powerful. If you have never done a sleep intervention, then there are certain strategies that don’t work so well during these regressions. If the regression relates to a motor skill milestone, then you would want to teach your baby how to get out of a frustrating position by helping her go through the motions to get back to laying down at night and through offering lots of practice during the day.


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