How do you help a toddler adjust to sleeping alone?

Question about Toddler Sleep: Hi Guys, I love that you are doing this by the way and read your posts everyday. I have a 3 month old and a 22 month old toddler. The 3 month old is doing great on sleep so no complaints. The toddler however has just started regressing. For the last month or so he’s gone through a variety of different sleep issues from resisting naps to bed time and now the latest – middle of the night wakings. At first he had a cold but now he’s basically waking up at the same time every night (12:30) and crying until i come and sleep next to his crib on the floor. I dont touch him but he just wants me to lie next to him and that works. I’m not sure what to do without letting him cry. I’m loathe to let him cry though because it will wake up the baby. So do you think this phase will pass or is it something i need to break him of immediately? Thank you for your thoughts!

Thanks for checking in with us! WIth toddlers, sometimes what started for a legit reason (like a cold or illness) quickly snowballs into a serious habit! It’s unlikely he will let go of your midnight slumber parties happily on his own so I’d go ahead and get to work on solving it! It’s great news that he is already accepting of your presence without touch. You may simply decide to phase yourself out of the room by moving your resting spot a bit farther and farther away from his crib each night. When you get near the door you can start to check in and out from the door way doing some quick “shhhh, mama’s just checking” from the door way. Ultimately you’ll want to phase yourself out of the equation in the night so he feels okay when he wakes at midnight (which is normal by the way – to wake from time to time in the night) and you’re not there! I just described a slower, less dramatic exit – of course there is more than one option, but if he’s having some nighttime anxieties sometimes slow is a good start!

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