How do you teach a toddler to self-soothe?

Hi! I’m wondering what suggestions you have for getting a toddler to calm down and self soothe. We ditched our binkie and each night has gotten much better with crying/fussing, but we wanted to teach her some new ways to soothe herself. She has a lovie. Any other ideas? Thank you!

It’s really important to give clear direction and and it’s also helpful to model soothing actions like deep breathing with toddlers. For example at bedtime, you can say “snuggle your lovey” and then say “let’s close our eyes and take five deep breaths together, 1-2-3-4-5.” If later she is having trouble with relaxing cue her by saying “snuggle your lovey.” Do the modeling just at bedtime, but use the cue whenever she’s having trouble. If you do the deep breathing with her every time, then she may start to believe that YOU are needed for her to sooth back to sleep. You want to give her the tools and then cue her to use them. Good luck!


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