Is 2 1/2 years too early to drop the nap?

Is it normal for a 2 1/2 year old to not need a nap any more? My daughter will go in for a nap and just talk and sing . She’ll do this for 2 hours if I leave her there and just not sleep. Also how long of a stretch at night is typical for a 2 month old?

Research shows very clearly now that preschoolers benefit hugely with a nap. Sometimes if you get into a no nap rut, it leads to a nice long night of sleep 11.5 – 12 hours which then burns off quite a lot of sleep pressure and makes your child able to resist her nap during the day. Try napping her a little later to see if that’s helpful, and sometimes, crazy as it seems, shortening her night can help re-establish the nap. You cant’ make her sleep, but you can provide the right time, place, and opportunity! 


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  1. Bonnie says:

    My question about toddlers napping is similar to the 2.5 yr old dropping the nap. When I put my son down, I know he’s tired. Almost too tired and he gets a second wind where he’s climbing out of his crib. I’ve tried putting him down earlier but then he just plays until he’s too tired and I always wind up going back in to rock him into calmness (not to sleep usually). He used to just lay down and go to sleep. Then his brother was born. We only night trained him when he was 9 months. Naps came naturally after that. It seems the more active he is in the morning, the less likely he is to sleep. I’ve tried earlier as mentioned, I’ve tried later (exhaustion just made worse). His naps are only an hour these days anyways and he wakes half an hour or so earlier in the mornings and doesn’t fall asleep for an hour at night. Too busy playing (usually doesn’t climb at night though). Help

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