Toddler kicking blankets off

How do you teach a toddler how to cover themselves with a blanket in the middle of the night? My 20MO is constantly moving, but shes so cold she curls up in the corner while being surrounded with blankets in her crib. TY

Ah, this is really, really hard. My 3.5 year old still uses a sleep sack. My favorite is the Baby Dee Dee sleep nest, because it is quilted, cotton and fits toddlers (I’ve tried a lot and this is my favorite — we don’t get paid to endorse anyone). If that isn’t an option, then try a verbal cue before you go in to replace the blanket. Say “cover yourself with the blanket” and then help your daughter cover herself. Think about it as something that you need to teach her to do and eventually she will learn to do it herself. If you just go in and cover her every time, then she will continue to depend on you to do it. Good luck!


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