How do you get a young baby to connect naptime sleep cycles?

My 4 month old has been waking up after every sleep cycle, at nighttime and now his naps. Usually he takes on long nap a day, sometimes 2. At bedtime he wakes up after his first sleep cycle and you suggested putting his pacifier back in a few minutes before his cycle ends and he tends to wake up during that or shortly after. I’m at a loss! oh…and tired.

Using the paci during the day to soothe two sleep cycles together is often helpful for extending daytime naps in the time period before we expect the daytime napping pattern to be fully developed (not until around 5.5 – 6 months). If, however the paci or sucking/feeding to sleep is become a sleep association that is causing him to call for you for help every 45 – 90 mins day and it’s not sustainable for you, it night it may be time to make a change and discontinue using the paci! Does that make you cringe?? I’m sensing a sleep association (sucking?) combined with a little four month regression – might be time for some sleep training in a way that feels comfortable to you?


What do you think?

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