Should you ever wake a sleeping baby?

I have heard ‘never wake a sleeping baby’, but I’m wondering if that always applies…. My daughter usually wakes up around 7:30am and I like that she wakes at a particular time because then her nap schedule is pretty consistent (she’s 4 months old). But this morning she is still sleeping at 8am…. should I wake her or let her sleep? She went to bed at a normal time last night and woke normally overnight for feeding. Thanks!

‘Never wake a sleeping baby’ is not a great rule. The circadian rhythm requires light exposure at a regular time each morning in order to stay synchronized with the 24 hour day. Once in a while you might just go into “catch up mode” for a baby who is really sleep deprived in order to get back to a rested baseline. Since she sleeps great during the day and has a consistent night, I would wake her ~30 min after her normal wake up. I think that in her case the Merlin Magic Sleep Suit might be “inducing” her to sleep more than normal, so keeping wake time to around a 30 minute window is important. You can do a layered wake up — go in at 7:55, open the curtains, at 8:00 turn off the sound machine, at 8:05 put your hand on her chest and start to gently comfort her to waking. That should keep her drive to sleep stable.


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