How do you transition a baby from a Rock ‘n Play to a crib?

I am embarrassed to say that my 8-month-old is still sleeping in a rock and play sleeper for naps and at night. She did have some tummy problems (gas/constipation) that seem to be resolved. She used to be able to sleep in a bassinet, but at 6 months she outgrew the bassinet and did not like the pack and play. We didn’t want to transition her into her crib yet because it’s in the same room as her big brother, and she still wakes at least once to nurse in thenight. So, needless to say, we got lazy and put her in the rock and play all of the time. Now she’s refusing to lay flat to sleep. I think she likes the confinement of the sleeper, but I don’t think it’s probably good for her to continue sleeping in there. We do put her in a sleep sack for naps and bedtime. She lays on the floor to play during the day with no problems. Any suggestions? I did try to let her cry it out in the pack and play tonight, but after trying to comfort her (without picking her up) for 1 1/2 hours, I gave up.

This happens all of the time! Sometimes it’s just easiest to do what works, but, of course it’s tough when your baby outgrows what works! I think that you will probably need to do a sleep intervention to teach her to sleep in a crib. I think you are totally right that she is just confused about what to do in the crib and doesn’t associate it with sleep. There are many interventions that you could do to teach her to sleep in the crib without a strict “cry it out.” A simple (although not easy, no intervention will be easy) way to start would just be by keeping a simple rule, that your daughter sleeps in the crib. You can pick her up and comfort her or hold her when she’s upset, but you always transfer her back to the crib. This should get her habituated to sleeping in the crib and help her learn that the crib is the place to be. After 3-4 nights she should start to accept the crib a little more and at that point you can focus on having her learn how to fall asleep in the crib without your help. There are a lot of other ways to do it too, but that might be a way to start that will work better for her. Good luck!



  1. chanaj7 says:

    Just wondering, at what age would you recommend transitioning out of a RNP? I understand the sooner the better, but this is in the situation of a child who long sleeps in an RNP. When is it no longer a futile exercise of trying to put them in a crib? Same age for sleeping training?

  2. Indymomof2 says:

    GabbyLAmom….tell me more PLEASE 🙂 Where does a desperate momma find a zippy? I tried googling it, but am not having luck.

  3. GabbyLAmom says:

    I can only share from my experience…Our 5-month old was successfully out of his swaddle for a month and sleeping in his own room, but would NOT under any circumstances transition from his Rock N Play to his crib. I was beginning to worry we’d have a 16-year old in a RNP. ha! This kid would be dead asleep and would wake up instantly as soon as you’d put him in the crib…until our Zippy arrived! Initially,he would wake up after an hour (which alone was a miracle to keep him asleep even THAT long in the crib), but when we put him back down he proceeded to sleep the ENTIRE night without even a peep but only if he wore his Zippy!. We are about a month into him using it and he doesn’t wake up even ONE time after putting him down, and he’s back to his usual 9-11 hour a night sleep. The Zippy has become his new “it’s time for my long sleep” signal that the swaddle used to provide, AND it gives him the of the cozy, cradled feeling of his Rock N Play.

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