How do you get a 7 month old to nap in a crib?

Do you have any tips for babies who refuse to nap in their cribs? My 7 month old will scream a lot when he’s in his crib for nap time, but he’s totally fine in his crib at night.

We see this over and over and over and it’s always amazing how well babies can sleep one way during the night, but expect something entirely different during the day! During the day it’s generally better to either go “all in” and make one big sleep training week of it (where she basically gets to practice her crib sleep with you sitting next to her or checking in and out on her for an hour each and her first two naps times) OR work on slower gradual transitions over a period of several weeks. For example set the ideal nap times using sleep associations (move the swing in her room, hold or feeding her in her room) at the times you want her to nap. Establish a pre sleep routine and a great room environment. during this time you might try placing her in her crib as part of a naptime routine when she is in a good mood and do some massage, lullabies, smiling/cooing at each other and then PULL Her out before she is unhappy in anyway and resume rocking, holding, feeding to sleep. With time do less and less of the rocking and feeding to sleep and more and more of the cribside practice/soothing. These are oversimplications – there are MANY MANY ways to do nap training to teach a baby to nap in a crib from slow/fast/and in between and without knowing your parenting style it’s hard for me to give you more specific details! The great news is you know he can do it because he does it at night so it gives you a little more confidence in knowing it’s more a matter of teaching him what you want him to do during the day!


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