How do you teach an 8 month old to sleep in the crib all night?

Hi! I had a question about sleep location. Our eight month old son falls asleep great in his own crib at bedtime but I got into the habit since he was a couple of weeks old of pulling him into our bed for his first feeding around midnight so we could all get a little more sleep. We would keep him there until morning. Now my husband and I would like to put him back to sleep in his crib, at least until the next early morning nursing session. What’s the best way to try to do this? We tried high and low soothing for two hours last night and he would fall asleep in my arms and then get very upset when we tried to put him back in the crib. I gave up and brought him back to our bed!

The good news is he already knows how to sleep in his crib! When he wakes at midnight, if you sit in a chair and feed him can you then place him back down into his crib in a process similar to what you do at bedtime? Or, that’s what you tried last night? Just want to be sure you are still giving him that usual midnight feeding as you try to transition him back into his crib! You can do the series of high/low soothing or you can do something more structured. This is your “sleep training”. You can choose what feels comfortable to you but…try not to put a time limit on it! 2 hours is longer than average, yes – but I’ve heard of longer – and we can’t really control how long it will take him. All you can control is how consistent you will be during that time. Put your game face on (ha ha), be super consistent, maybe line up some daytime help so you can get some rest, and plan for it to take him 2 hard nights where you are both awake a lot working hard. The third night should bring measurable change and keep you motivated to keep going! All the while make sure day sleep supports what you are trying to do at night, and don’t try to do this through a usual feeding. Lots more I could say but hope that give syou a starting point!!


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