When does an extinction burst usually happen during sleep training?

Hi there – I am wondering when the extinction burst typically happens with sleep training…tonight was night 7, and after seeing drastic improvements, tonight was a major setback in getting our little guy to sleep. I was under the impression this “extinction burst” more typically happened earlier in the process…

It’s actually totally normal for an extinction burst to happen on night 7. It is often night 5, but night 7 is totally normal. That said, did you adjust to daylight savings? There is a very strong drive to be awake right before your biological bedtime and if you put him down at say 7:00 PM last night and 7:00 PM tonight, that would have been 6:00 PM in his body (tonight), so he may not have been tired enough. Going forward I would put him down at his biological bedtime and gradually adjust earlier by 15 minutes for the next four nights. Good luck!


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