Could jet-lag trigger the 4 month regression in a baby who knows how to fall asleep?

I read this blog post <on the four month regression> (love you guys!). But our situation doesn’t seem to fit . We’ve been putting out little 4.5 month old to bed awake, but full, changed and tired since he was about 2 months old. He does great. We just traveled from west coast to the east coast and our little guy only slept a total of 3 hours last night, the longest stretch was 2 hours. Didn’t necessarily want to BF, but very wakeful and restless. Longest nap the last two days has been 30 min. Def not healthy or his norm. Think the sleep regression and time zone change collided?

If you are putting him down awake, then there would be no reason for him to experience the regression at all. The regression is only caused by a perceived need at night, usually stemming from falling asleep in one location (arms) and waking in another location (crib). Since you have been putting him down awake he has no reason to panic at the end of the sleep cycles. He knows that his crib is the place to sleep. I suspect this is 99% jet lag. The key to overcoming jet lag is to make sure you are asking her to sleep when his body is ready to sleep. For example, if you were putting him to bed at 7:00 on the West Coast, then you shouldn’t put him down before 10:00 PM when you get to the East Coast. You would need to keep it dark from 7:00 PM on, but don’t put him down until 10:00 (which is when his body is driving for sleep). Each day, you would put him down about 30 minutes earlier. You should wake him in the morning about 30 minutes earlier each day as well and make sure that he is exposed to light in the morning right after he wakes. You should continue to put him down awake on this moving schedule in order to avoid a problem with sleep associations (like what happens with the 4 month regression). Sometimes parents try to skip the jet-lag adjustment and put their children down by the clock, since this would be a time when his body would be awake, you might end up trying to force him to sleep through rocking or feeding. That would create a sleep association and as the jet-lag resolved, the sleep association would stick. I hope that makes sense. The key is that you want him to put himself to sleep in his usual way, but you want to make sure that he’s able to sleep when you are asking him to sleep by gradually adjusting his body. Take care.


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