How do you get a 3 month old to nap?

Hello, my 3-month old son is finally sleeping better at night but during the day can’t/won’t take naps. I feel like I have to “force” him by bouncing, turning on the white noise, swaddling, wearing him, etc. And even then he sometimes will wake up only 20 minutes later – and then we have to start all over again! Any tips? is 3 months too early to intervene and/or expect anything different? Please help!

He sounds like my first! This is a very hard age! You are right that it’s a bit too early to intervene in any structured or restrictive way, but there are some things to work on. Keep him rested, avoid long stretches of wakefulness, make sure he’s not going to be hungry mid-nap, a good swaddle (yes, that’s good!!), white noise (that’s good too!), a room that is too dark to read and then if it’s just not working and you can’t get him down – rocking, wearing, strolling, riding – as long as it’s safe, it’s inbounds to do it so he’ll sleep. Bottom line: he needs daytime naps and if it’s just not working well independently and you have to help him, please do! His daytime sleep patterns will mature more and more as he gets closer to 5 1/2 months. Take a look too at any potential undiagnosed medical reasons – silent reflux? allergies (mucus or blood in stools), eczema, etc. Less likely of course – but just double check! Hang in there – it wil get better!


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  1. Tarayn says:

    So there’s nothing to do to help a 8 week old go to sleep during the day unless assisted? I hate to let her cry but it’s becoming awful!!!! My 1st daughter did the same thing and I was in constant shambles trying to get an overtired baby to sleep. I prayed I wouldn’t have another one like her but here I am…struggling!! Does this warrant a consult or are they going to tell me she’s too young?

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