How do you get a baby to accept her dad during the night?

Our daughter loves her dad and takes bottles from him all the time. Last night I had to pump & dump due to a small procedure and he was attempting to comfort and feed her while I pumped but she screamed until I held her. Are there some strategies we can use to get her comfortable with him in the middle of the night?

How old is she? Between 8-10 months separation anxiety can temporarily cause this type of thing. If you want to work on having her get used to your husband, then a tag-team approach usually works well. For example, you go to her first and nurse her and then he comes in and comforts her after she’s nursed. You can also do this type of hand-off at bedtime. Alternatively, he could just come into the room with you and hand her to you to nurse. This obviously means everyone is up at night, but if he’s going to be taking some night wakings, then this is worth doing. The only thing that you don’t want to do is have him fight to give her a bottle and then go in and nurse her after he is unsuccessful. Doing that will just reinforce that nursing is the only acceptable way to get to sleep. Once you think she’s ok with him responding at night you can have him go solo with a bottle. Good luck!


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