How do you move a baby from a stroller to a crib at 5 months?

Hi! My 5mo baby boy only naps on his stroller (in his room). He is taking 2-3 naps (9-11, 1:30-3:00 and sometimes 4:00-4:30). He sleeps great in his crib for the night (12 hrs with one feeding). I would love to transition him to sleep in his crib, but every time I try to he cries and cries and then the whole day is a mess! Any tips? Do I need to start a nap intervention/training? Any tips on how to make it as smooth as possible?

Sounds like you’ve already made big steps with a regular schedule, keeping him rested, and already napping him in his room! Next step really is the crib! Yes, you can to nap training which is hard and it’s important you think about the best fit for him AND we usually suggest waiting until 5 1/2 – 6 months before doing a full on napping intervention. Think about what he’ll do best with – slow changes, easing the transition into the crib over the course of several weeks? Or, will he do better with a faster get it over with approach. If you do it that way (sounds like you’ve experimented) it does tend to go terrible for the first several days and everyone is an overtired hot mess and he goes to bed extra early on those days. In a few days, thing start to come together and you see improvements. Start now working on the morning nap and getting him into the crib. Can you spend 30-60 mins rocking him to sleepy, then placing him down drowsy and repeating over and over if he gets upset or fussy. My guess is, he will eventually sleep in the crib and although it may very well be shorter nap you’ll be on your way. When he gets closer to 5 1/2 – 6 months you can start a more structured nap training regimen if you’d like!


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