How do you transition out of Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit?

Any advice on transitioning out of the magic Merlin? My baby had been a super sleeper, only waking up once nightly between 7pm-5am. She has now figured out how to roll over in her magic Merlin at 5 months. In the sleep sack, she’s woken up every 2 hours and needed us to comfort her back asleep. Before, she would fall right back asleep no problem after eating.

Note: We also have a more complete blog post on this topic under our resource blog. Transitions like these take a good 3-5 nights for babies to accept and learn to figure out what to do with their new freedom and body movements! Stop the Merlin if it’s no longer safe and switch her to a sleep sack for warmth or comfort. Start this change at bedtime first, and it may be helpful to make bedtime 15 mins later than usual to help increase her sleep drive without making her too overtired. Expect some resistance or uncertainty with falling asleep in this new way – perhaps even up to 40-60 mins. Be prepared to respond to your baby in a way that feels comfortable to you – are you more laissez-fair or are you very hands on. THis is your “sleep training”. The last third of the night may continue to be more erratic for now due to her young age, but that tends to improve by about 6 months. Plan to continue feeding your baby as you had been in the night!


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