How important is immediate morning light exposure?

I have a question on the morning wake up and exposure to light and dark. I appreciate the importance of keeping the morning wake up consistent within a 30 minute interval, and the importance of keeping baby in the dark until at least the beginning of the 30 minute window. Is it important to have a “dramatic” exposure to light in order to set the body clock? Our current window is 6 to 6:30 am. If our son wakes up before 6, we don’t take him out of his dark room until 6 am. We then bring him into our room to nurse and play. Our room is not nearly as dark as his room, but with the drapes pulled it is certainly mellow – not bright at all. He usually isn’t exposed to lights and bright morning light until we pull the drapes; usually around 6:30 but sometimes after. Basically, we are easing him in rather than having some dramatic wake up. Thoughts?

The lighting change doesn’t have to be dramatic. In fact, it’s better to have a nice slow ramp up in order to preserve your baby’s ability to sleep later in the morning. If you brought him into bright light right at 6:00, then that would ensure that he would wake up regularly at 6:00. I love the gradual wake up with him moving from his room to yours. In many ways you are mimicking what would naturally happen with a gradual sunrise, which is excellent. Great question!


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