How much can wake time vary?

I have a 6 month old who sleeps pretty great at night, usually goes down around 8 then wakes up between 5-6 to eat and goes back to sleep until between 8-9. Usually she falls asleep all on her own without rocking or pacifiers, just a sound machine. Do you think it is best to wake her up at a set time everyday so that she naps more on a schedule? At this point we have been letting her run the show but we have been having some issues getting her to nap well, but that could be when she has teething pain flare ups. Other days she naps great. Thanks for any suggestions!

We recommend your baby starts her day within the same 30 min window each morning so yes, close that gap just a little bit and not more than 12 hours at night in most cases. Naps are really organizing around the six month mark so it could be that just with a couple more weeks of consistency in the times and places you are offering the naps with allow day sleep to really fall into place!


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