Is it ok for my baby to sleep on his side?

My 3 month old just started rolling onto his side when I put him down to sleep. Is this safe? If I move him he wakes or eventually goes back to his side.

He sounds like a strong little guy! You should always put him down on his back to sleep at his age. It sounds like you are putting him on his back and he is rolling to his side on his own? If that is the case, then check with your pediatrician on whether or not s/he wants you to roll him back to his back. The isn’t a single answer that will apply to every baby, because each family’s risk factors for SIDS are different. For example, if your baby has certain medical conditions or other risk factors for SIDS, then your pediatrician may direct you to roll him to his back. If your baby has very good motor control and is asserting a preference, then your pediatrician may give you the green light to let him stay where he rolls. It’s always best to discuss safety concerns with your pediatrician whenever they come up. Good luck!


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