Should you try to avoid holding your baby at night when he is really sick or uncomfortable?

Hey there! I was supposed to have a consultation with Erin this evening but unfortunately had to cancel (will be scheduling again) because my son is ill. He has a cold and pretty bad phlegmy cough which is causing him to NOT WANT TO SLEEP IN HIS CRIB. Last night I had to “sleep” with him on my arms since every time I was putting him down he would just cry and cry. He has been sleeping well in his crib for the past 3 months (he is 6mo), so I do not know what to do. Is he doing this because he needs comforting? Is it ok to let him sleep in my arms? I do not want to cause a bigger problem for the future…

It is possible that you will create a sleep association, but generally you shouldn’t worry about that if he needs your comfort. It’s such a tough situation to navigate, because if he’s just a little sick, then you don’t want to “over parent” and do something he doesn’t need, but if he’s really sick, then he may need you to hold him upright for much of the night to feel comfortable. Although it is probably frustrating to think that you may be causing a sleep association, it’s much more important to make whatever parenting decision you think best meets his needs at this time. The great news is that he can re-learn to sleep in his crib after this tough time. Take care!



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