What do you do about a random night waking after successful sleep training?

I had a very helpful sleep consult a few weeks ago and weaned my 6-month-old off of 2 of her 3 night feedings. She now will sometimes even sleep for a solid 11 hours. Last night I had an unusual occurrence in that after putting her down for bed at 8pm she woke up an hour later. I checked her diaper which was fine and then fed her. The rest of her night was normal for her. Is this a one-time fluke that she woke up after only an hour? Should I have fed her or just left her?

Hard to say with just one data point if this will be a trend but on an “off” night like that it’s usually a good idea to be a little more interactive with your baby in case she’s coming own with something, not feeling great, or just having an off night. Use that night to sort of evaluate. If she starts popping up more than 1-2 nights in a row AND you are sure she’s healthy AND you are sure nothing has changed with her schedule it may be a testing behavior or response burst in which case you’ll plan to redo a night or two of your initial plan to get over the hump. Thanks for asking!


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