What do you do about diaper leaks at night?

Calling on all moms for tips on middle of the night diaper leaks! In the past 3 out of 4 nights, my 15-month old has had them. Anyone recommend a favorite brand of overnight diaper? We already use one WITH a cloth insert and plastic diaper cover. Most of the time it works great, other times it fails! I still give him a 2.5-3 oz bottle at bed, but if that was the problem wouldn’t it be every night? Is there any science behind it — like some nights he just pees a lot more??

Try the bottle about 30 mins before bedtime to give you time for one last diaper change before bed. Sizing up for nighttime helps as well and for really wet diapers you can get diaper doublers that add absorbancy to the diapers.


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