What do you do about persistent crying at bedtime?

My 7 month old SCREAMS every night now when I put her to bed (I put her down awake). Thoughts?

Is this a new behavior? Can you see any reason it popped up? Developmental milestones, recent travel, increase or decrease in day sleep, etc? Can you give a little more info please??

She has done this a couple of times before but I thought it got better. She isn’t the best napper during the day, no change there, and we haven’t traveled at all. The only thing I can possibly think of is that is looks like her two front teeth are coming. But she doesn’t cry at all when she is awake and playing during the day so that makes me unsure that this is the cause. It is like the second I lay her down in her crib, she grabs onto my shirt and does a very high pitched scream. Her doctor says to just let her cry but it makes me too sad.

No need to do a method that involves crying if you are uncomfortable with it that’s for sure, and we actually don’t recommend music for sleep bc it changes in pitch and sound so can disrupt during lighter sleep states. As a wind down before bed it can be great though! So, assuming she’s healthy (no hidden causes of pain or discomfort – teething is usually for 2-3 nights max, if that, perhaps earache if she’s otherwise congested as well) if you are stuck in a cry-at-bedtime rut you’ll want to change things up! Perhaps you spend a little longer soothing, cuddling and snuggling. Maybe you can extend the soothing down into the crib with some massaging or light touch at cribside. Maybe you can squat down eye level to the mattress and see if you can get her to “kiss” you goodnight. In otherwords – change it up. Snap out of the crying rut with some extra soothing for several nights and then you can taper those extra items off and return to more independence!


What do you think?

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