What do you do about toddlers who can climb out of their cribs?

Wondering about an alternative to a crib tent since I believe they were recalled? Our 2.5 year-old is probably going to start climbing out and he is not mature enough to handle a toddler bed!

Unfortunately there isn’t a great alternative except that by 2 1/2 most kids really CAN learn from some more behavioral techniques. First, lets’ hope he doesn’t jump! Does his crib have a high side you can turn out? Can you put him in sleep sack to help reduce his flexibility in getting a leg up and over? make sure mattress is lowered all the way of course, and sometimes you can even find a thinner mattress to give you an extra inch or two. If he’s a monkey and climbing is inevitable, you’ll handle that when the time comes. But, again the good news is he probably can learn from a whole behavioral intervention when the time comes!



  1. sleepdoctorevans says:

    Steph — you are VERY lucky. This is not the norm! We definitely do not recommend switching to a bed until age three, because for most families experience lots and lots of regressions. There are definitely a few little ones who transition with no trouble at all — my oldest was that way. At age 6 he’s only gotten out of bed once ever! My youngest was more typical 🙂 The bottom line is that you can move your child early, but there is definitely a risk associated with making the transition before your child is ready and most 2 year olds aren’t ready. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My little lady is just 2 and as she was inevitably going to jump soon we braved it and went ahead with converting her cot. She has adapted very well and as her bed is very low we haven’t even put barriers up and there has been no accidents! In fact she loves her bed and happily will go lie down or sit and read 🙂

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