What do you do when learning to roll causes night waking?

Hello! My six month old has been doing much better after some work with Meg, but now she has mastered rolling onto her tummy at night and has been waking up, upset and frustrated and unable to relax and fall back asleep that way. We usually go in and flip her back over. Any guidelines on getting her through this stage? Thanks!

You know she CAN sleep well and it’s also clear why the regression has happened – this is great information to have as you renegotiate your expectations. Here’s the run down on rolling. Transitions like this can take a few weeks to figure out. If she’s truly “stuck” plan to help her as often as needed – which yes, might lead to some sleep disruption for all of you for a few nights. However – practice, practice, practice during the day, and always “coach” verbally, guide, and teach her how to reposition on her own during the day. As you see during the day that she CAN do it, you’ll start to back off in your response during the night – delay a bit longer before assisting her and during that delay “coach” her with some verbal cues like you use during the day or half assist her in getting a hip and shoulder over. Give her the chance to either flip herself back over OR fall asleep on her tummy if she’d like to. As for tummy sleep – the AAP says to continue to put her “back to sleep” for the first year, however if she rolls herself over and wants to sleep on her tummy it’s okay – as long as she does it herself. Your job is to make her crib as safe as possible – she’s not in a Sleep Suit, no blankets, bumpers, fluffy items, pillows, etc. Hope that helps – let us know if things dont’ start to improve soon!


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