What do you do when napping goes awry after sleep training?

We started sleep training almost two weeks ago, which is going extremely good, in the sense our baby (11 months old) sleeps in her crib almost whole night ( with 1-2 feedings in night) but we have a major problem and I NEED HELP – she is declining to be put down in crib for day time naps, it’s horrible, she cries a lot
Advise, help, anyone faced similar situation in the past ?

Is this a new problem, since beginning the night work or has she always resisted her crib? How are you currently getting her to nap? I need a bit more information to help with a suggestion. I’d want to be sure she’s on an age appropriate schedule with her naps (not too much/not too little) and also her bedtime/wake times. Thank you!

New problem, currently only through breast feeding, or holding her while asleep, bedtime- 6-6:30 pm and wake up 5:30 am naps around 8:30 or 9 am for 1 hour at home and around 1 pm for around 1 hour at home – biggest problem is day time naps- hard to put her in crib

Schedule sounds about right – 11+ hour night, and two daytime naps although she’s a little below average with daytime sleep. Be careful of that first stretch of wakefulness – that it’s not getting too long – that one is usually the shortest of the day. With a 5:30 wake up I’d expect to see a first nap starting more like 8-8:30 am. Lasting for 60-90 mins is about right. This would shift the second nap a bit earlier, but I’d like to see that one more like 90 mins, plus. Make sure she has a great sleep environment, nice a dark and cool, use white noise, and spend plenty of transition time winding down from play, and getting ready for sleep. Also make sure she won’t be hungry mid nap! In general, while you are working on nights, you’d want to keep her rested during the day – even if that meant some extra holding, rocking or nursing. ONce her night sleep consolidated, morning wake time was regular, and you were confident in the TIMING of her naps you can then re-work on transitioning her back into nap independence. THAT is a whole long discussion. In a nutshell – you might try working on some baby steps. Ex: if you have been nursing to sleep at naps, can you switch to rocking to sleep? If you’ve been rocking to sleep can you switch to leaning over her crib and rubbing her tummy or patting her? In other words – start to ease her back into self soothing. Of course here are lots of ways to structure this and you might prefer a faster approach to getting back on track with naps too = perhaps even some leaving her alone to figure it out. Not sure what your style is – we really try to work with parents to figure out what the best fit it for their baby and family!



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