What do you do when sitting up disrupts sleep?

My 8.5 month old just started sitting up in her crib. She’s a very good napper until the last 3 days. Will scream and scream for her morning nap after sitting up in bed and just won’t sleep. As a result, she was awake for 5-6 hrs and the will sleep for 1 long nap (yesterday it was 3 hours). Is 1 long nap ok if she still gets the same amount of sleep? She just started crawling this week and I’m beginning to think she just wants to be up to do things. Not sure how best to guide her (and the nanny).

Total sleep is important, but so is sleep dispersal. I’m happy she did end up with one long nap but she still does need two naps for now so as not to have those hugely long stretches of wakefulness. Developmental milestones are notoriously disruptive and can be for several weeks. If she’s sitting rather than sleeping during a nap, you’ll probably want to go in and out of the room, guiding, coaching, half assisting her into more of a sleep promoting position. Put a heavy hand on her chest or hip to help her stay in sleeping position, some gentle “shhhhing” and then exit. Repeat, repeat, repeat to help her learn to reposition herself AND that you are there for her to help her through this transition!


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