What time should a 14 month old take a nap?

Hi there. I need help with my 14 mo. She recently transitioned to one nap. Wake is around 8:30, nap is 1pm(goes from 2-3 hours) & bedtime is 9ish. She’s getting some molars & wants to nurse to sleep for nap. Today she nursed to sleep for nap & cried when I took her off. Left her in her crib for a few min to see if she’s calm. ….long story short, no nap at 1 today. Should i try for another nap on days like this or skip it & put her to bed early? what time should I put her to bed? thanks!

I would actually push her nap later to about 2:00. Since she has a nice late bed/wake time, she might not be building enough sleep pressure. If she doesn’t nap, then I would offer a second try after a short break for play. If she still doesn’t sleep, then I would put her down about 30-45 minutes early for the night. If she takes a later than normal nap, then I would just be sure to wake her by 4:30/5:00 in order to make sure she can build enough sleep pressure for bedtime.


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