When should you transition from the rock ‘n play to the crib?

I have a 4.5 month old who sleeps in our room still -swaddled, with white noise, and in a rock n sleeper. She has been sleeping through the night since about 2 months, but lately now wakes up at least once to nurse. She is also breaking out of her swaddle more often. We have tried to start naps in her crib since we think it might be time to start sleeping in her own room. We tried a magic merlin sleep suit bc of a friend’s recommendation. So far we have not been successful and she wakes up after 10 min in her crib- so needless to say we have had a few long days with no naps. My question is why is she waking now in the middle of the night? And how do we successfully transition her to her crib without countless sleepless nights??

At her age most babies are very distracted during the day and often don’t take in enough calories, which leads to a need to eat at night. I would definitely work on feeding her in a quiet room in order to ensure that she gets what she needs during the day. Second, you may want to check some of our posts on the four month regression on our websitewww.babysleepscience.com. The four month regression is a time when frequent night waking appears when a baby has certain expectations associated with falling asleep. If you feed her to sleep, then she may be experiencing a bit of the four month regression where her natural wakings are causing her to need you to help her get back to sleep. Third, naps are tough at four months. If it is still safe for her to sleep in the rock n play, then you might want to consider keeping her there for another month or so. The transition to the crib won’t be easy in a month, but it should be easier than it is right now. I hope that gives you something to work with. Good luck!


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  1. AshleyV_C says:

    I put my son in a sleeping suit Zipadee-zip! Our 5-month old was successfully out of his swaddle for a month and sleeping in his own room, but would NOT under any circumstances transition from his Rock N Play to his crib. I was beginning to worry we’d have a 16-year old in a RNP. This kid would be dead asleep and would wake up instantly as soon as you’d put him in the crib…until our Zippy arrived! The first two nights in his Zippy he woke up after an hour (which alone was a miracle to keep him asleep even THAT long in the crib), but when we put him back down he proceeded to sleep the ENTIRE night without even a peep. The Zippy has become his new “”it’s time for my long sleep”” signal that the swaddle used to provide, AND it gives him the of the cozy, cradled feeling of his Rock N Play. “

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