shutterstock_119791084It may seem like there are lot of options out there for sleep help. Unfortunately, we have read far too many terrible and even downright inaccurate books, and heard about too many botched sleep consults  by self proclaimed “certified” consultants and so called “experienced” self proclaimed “experts” who lack any type of formal education, training or mentorship in the field of sleep medicine and research. There is an intricate dance in sleep consulting between what we know about the science and biology of infants and sleep and the strong attachments and sleep associations babies and toddlers develop, not to mention understanding normal childhood development, health and wellness.

It’s essential you work with professionals with relevant higher education degrees and who understand not just the physical and psychological side of babies and children, but the incredibly complex biological side of sleep and the circadian rhythm.  You can trust our growing team of highly educated professionals  (with practical experience as moms with young children) to provide your family with the help you need to improve your family’s sleep!