Phone Consult Process


shutterstock_117036583Standard Sleep Consult – 50 minutes


A  Standard Sleep Consult is the best option for most families whose babies are having a nighttime sleep problem or a daytime sleep problem.  For babies who need help with both day and night sleep, please schedule a Complex Sleep Consult. The Standard Consult allows time to cover most common problems experienced by babies and children in the 0-4 age range.  This consult is first time clients and for returning clients whose babies have reached a new developmental age or are experiencing a new set of problems.

*free international conference lines are available for most locations

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Follow-Up Phone Consult – 30 minutes


Offered only to returning clients, this consult is designed for parents who have the scientific background and sleep basics provided in a Sleep Consult or Complex Consult, but who need additional help while working through their plan or as developmental changes arise.

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Complex Sleep Consult – 75 minutes


Best for parents who want to discuss problems for more than one child, or more than one problem for the same child. Examples of complex situations may include:  one child who is having trouble with both naps and night sleep, different age siblings (both experiencing a problem) and who may share a room, twins with different temperaments and sleep problems, or a single child who needs a multi step plan such as transition to a new sleep location, reducing night wakings, and improving day sleep.

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